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Used Car & Truck Dealership in Fort Worth, TX

At Texas Vehicle Sales, we have over 60 years of experience handling the automotive needs of our customers. In addition to selling tens of thousands of cars and trucks here in Texas, we’ve sold vehicles all across the US and Canada as well as worldwide in places as far away as Norway and Hawaii.

The message that resonates with our customers is that they enjoy doing business with real people and getting a real good deal.

We cherish the fact that our clients have high expectations for their vehicles and have equally high expectations about the dealerships with whom they do business. It’s this very reason that our customers continue to buy from us as well as send us their friends and family.

We strive to give our customers the best vehicle purchase experience they have ever had. We do this by offering the cleanest automobiles at the best prices, as well as offering a multitude of finance and warranty options.

Our families here at Texas Vehicle Sales have called the Dallas-Ft Worth area home for over 40 years. Our facility is located on the west side of Ft Worth and is only a short drive from the entire DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Whether you are looking for a really nice family car or SUV, a good work truck or that “Bad Boy” 4x4 we can help.


Speak with one of our professional staff members to get a quick answer to your question.

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Whether you need a Heavy Duty Pick-up truck or a sporty import, we are here to help you with your automotive needs.